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    I’m confused by Export Settings->Match Sequence Settings


      I’ve created three sample sequences that are all NTSC 720x480 16.9, but each has a different Fields setting (Lower, Upper, and No Fields).  When Exporting (File->Export->Media), the CS5 manual states the following for the Match Sequence Settings feature:

      To automatically export a file from a Premiere Pro sequence with settings that exactly match the settings for that sequence, select Match Sequence Settings in the Export Settings dialog box.

      I’m confused what it is doing because when selected, it always sets the Field Type to Lower, even when the sequence is set to Upper or No Fields.  However, using a Match Source Attributes Preset, when available, the Field Type will indeed match the sequence’s Fields setting.  Also, the Match Sequence Settings wasn’t even available when the sequence was set to Lower Fields.

      I did read in one of the forums where it was mentioned that checking the Match Sequence Settings will match the sequence's Preview File settings.  If this is true, I don’t see where one can set the Field of Preview Files.

      If anyone could shed some light on this issue, I’d be most grateful.  Thanks.