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    Solution for Catalyst page limitation for this project?




      I'm new to Catalyst so I have just discovered the 20 page limitation. This is the page I was working on. When I click on the little squares with the artist's names on I want the relevant square to take the place of the big square. Later I'm going to add the artists biography next to the big square (hence the empty space) which will change with each artist.


      What I was doing was creating a new duplicate page for each artist, and changing the page accordingly, then linking the button to the relevant page. The problem came when I hit the 20 page limitation, because there are 24 artists. What can I do to make this work? I read about custom components having many states, but if I make the page a custom component then I can't use the little squares as buttons. I'm not a hugely technical person, so if anyone knows of a good solution in simple terms I would really appreciate it.


      Thank you very much.


      Screen shot 2011-08-03 at 19.48.39.png