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    starting PPRO and conforming

    Chris Nierop Level 1

      When I open PPRO, or change the zoom of the timeline, the frames ("show frames") open one by one very slowly, and sometimes it stops, leaving the rest of the timeline  blank. And I have to look at the frams to edit properly.

      My new (fast) system works slower than my old system and PPRO2.0. The way it works now is unacceptable, sometimes I have to close the project, open it again just to see the frames. But that's not all,. also the curser sometimes stops (freezes) for a while, and than suddenly is works again, or windows says "PPRO doesnot react" and after a while waiting is works again. The "round" curser is playing that period.

      Sometimes after the complete project has been opened, the yellow line above is there, even when there is nothing to render. Starting up the project again the line dissapears. Sometimes when I save the project the saving hangs, windows says PPRO doesn't react. Sometimes when I will open a soundfile into Audition the project hangs, I have to wait a long time, sometimes it opens than in Audiotion, sometimes I had to force to close, or the finish PPRO and t start up again.Sometimes the audioclip will not open at all. Only when I start Audition and open than from Audition  the audiofile is opens.


      As far as I know the settings of PPRO 5.5 are correct, including render Mercury Playback engine GPU acceleration and the 2 basic monitors driven by the Geforce 570 card with CUDA and the 3e monitor driven by the secondary Geforce 520 card . Thats installed by the vender of the system.

      It looks that the start of PPRO goes fast, as to be expected. But opening the project and working with PPRO 5.5 is not.

      The 3e monitor also works not fine. By fast moving objects of fast moving camera the picture follows not fluently,  but more or less in steps. The sourcemonitor and programm monitor are working as it should be and goes fluently.


      Everytime I start PPRO some of the clips (but not all) conforming , in my old PPRO 2.0 the conforming only functioned by the capturing. That also is very timeconsuming.


      Is there any suggestion on this matter, I am about to install my old PPRO 2,0 again, it is very frustrating that the programm wiil not run smoothly as I hoped for buying a system that as far as I understand is ADOBE proof (Plug and Play). I have already install PPRO 5.5  and Audition 5.5 again, but that didn't do much.




      SYSTEM:    SSD Corsair 115GB Force Series 44558 P8P67 EVO v3.0 (1155) ATX 2*DDR3 8GB 1333 XMS CL9 Kit2 Dominator DH GEFORCE ENGTX570 DCII/2DIS/1280MD5 GEFORCE GT 520 silent (3th monitor) 2*DVDRW Samsung sata WIN7 pro 64 bits 2*HDD Samsung 1TB 7200 1* HDD Samsung 0,7TB Core i7-2600 3.4Ghz 6MB 1155 SONATA IV 620W 80+ ADOBE PPRO 5.5, Encore 5.5, Audition 5.5 Configuration: HD C: OS and programms HD D: captured video/audio and exports HD E: Previews video/audio and exports HD H: pagefiles mediacache and archiveclips

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Run the PPBM5 Benchmark to see how your system is doing and whether optimizations are necessary.

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            Chris Nierop Level 1


            Thanks, I tried to run it, but I think the  typical instructions from the readme file are in the Dutch version of PPRO somewhat different.

            To start with:

            Step 1:

            Opening project with Benchmark......  the programm ask "where is the file Phil AVCHD 1.MTS

            You have to choose the the file: Phil AVCHD 1 and the programm opens.


            Step 2:

            Works, it is a Dutch AME, the screens looks different from the American. The preset will not change to custom, but it says"aangepast".

            I have all the settings in step 2 the same as asked for, the process goes well I think.


            Step 3:

            Doesnot work.. In the PPBM directory you find : Statistics (without .vbs). Double clicking gives a failure, "file not found or replaced".

            Doubleclicking with the command:  open with opdrachtprompt"  gives a file named "Output (without .txt)" in the PPBM directory. This file is empty. There are no instructions to the letter.


            step 4:  Ones again, after opening the project with benchmark (no .ppro) the programm aks for the file Phil AVCHD 1.MTS, and you have to give the Phil ACVD 1 to open.

            You see than the project in the timeline (H.264 test) and you can render it and close PPRO.


            Step 5:

            This, is I think, the bottleneck. You cannot open "Statistics.vbs" as I said before, it doesnot exist. There is a vbs  file named Statistics (without .vbs) but you cannot open it, unless with the "open with opdrachtprompt" command. But then you get again the empty textfile as before in the PPBM directory. There is no message named Output txt succesfully created, nor any instructions.


            Visual conclusions: Rendering benchproject  about 1min.20 sec.

            The cardriving section playingin  the clip goes with a little stuttering when this section plays forewaert. but, the section where the cars drive backwaerts, the picture stutters a lot more, about 1 till 1.5  "stutter" per second (is seen on the 3e monitor as the projectmonitor of PPRO also) as it does in my projects.


            So, there I stay with the benchmark.

            I didn't get any suggestions due to the fact that the txt file did.nt work as it should, but visually something is wrong.

            The 2e videocard support only the 3e monitor and not the monitor on which the PPRO projectmonitor is seen. CUDA seperated the two cards, the NVIDIA 570 for the process, the 520 card only support the 3e monitor..

            Visually it looks if the rendering goes well, the AME works also, but detailinformation is not there to analyse the system.

            Any suggestions to the Dutch approche ,I understood you live in the Netherlands also, I live in Amsterdam..