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    Unable to copy or print the book


      I purchachased a book thorugh Mobo. Unfortunatly, it downloaded 7 times on my laptop. I need the copyright to be released so I can copy it to my home computer and work computer. Also I can not copy or print from this book. Help please.

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          Ain't gonna happen if the publisher has set the digital rights so that you

          can't copy or print it.  There's a way to find out.


          I presume that you're using Digital Editions (ADE) and that the ebook

          downloaded into the ADE library.  If you downloaded it to your computer

          directly, and it's not in the ADE library, the following suggestion won't



          Open ADE in Library mode.  Put your cursor on the name of the ebook and a

          small arrow will appear.  Put your cursor on that arrow and a drop-down menu

          will appear.  Choose 'Item Info' from that menu and click on it.

          Information about the ebook will appear, and in the middle is three settings

          controlled by the publisher that are the digital rights.  I'm guessing that

          the copy and print rights are set so that you can't make copies or print the



          In general, digital rights are not similar to those you have if you have a

          paper copy of a book.  They tend to be much stricter because the publishing

          industry wanted to make sure that ebooks would not be treated as songs

          were.  So, back in the late '90's, they set up digital rights.  Sorry if

          they 'get in the way' of what you want to do.