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    Files do not match Video Lessons



      I am doing the Learn LiveCycle in 3 days and found that the files for the lessons do not match your lessons. Day 1 Lesson # 7 Services Configuration Video 1 can not get to work. The files shown on screen do not match what is on the Turnkey Server and no files in Day1 Lesson 7 files folder. The Aquo form on the server submit process is totaly different.

      Please advise.

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          I took a look at the video and supporting files.  It appears to me that the video was meant to be a "demo", and not actually document the steps for a "Hands On" exercise. 


          The "Hands-on" steps are documented in the "Developing Applications.pdf" file contained in the "day1_project_files.zip" file.


          The "Configuring Services" (section 9) steps begin on page 50, but you will need to complete all the previous hands-on steps (sections 1 - 8) prior to this.


          Hope this helps.