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    Request: Conditional URL Redirect


      I would like to request functionality for conditional URL redirecting. Currently, forms can redirect users after the form has been sumitted - which is very handy - but it would be nice to allow for URL redirecting based on a set of conditions. The conditioning could work in the same manner that Page Skip Logic currently works: drop downs for managing where users are redirected to based upon their answers to one of the questions in the form.



      Some background: I'm currently creating a complex site survey which will allow two different types of users to view and edit their responses (utilizing the Share functionality currently present). There are a total of 11 different "sites" which require this in-depth survey, and users cannot have the ability to view or edit responses for other sites or for other type of user (so User A for Site 1 cannot view or edit the responses by User B for Site 1, or view/edit any responses for Sites 2-11).



      My plan was to create an initial, demographic-based survey which users would take first. Based upon the answers to the demographic survey, users would then be redirected to their appropriate User/Site survey. I don't see any method to handle this currently outside of creating each of these surveys separately and then sending the appropriate links in advance to all of the users - basically inserting myself into the initial, demographic survey role.



      Let me know if you need any additional information or details regarding the specific use-case scenario I'm presenting!