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    Accessing flex libarary items


      Hi ,


      We do have following applcation/Library Project.


      1) Mainapp.mxml. - Which is  main applcation project.

      2) module1.mxml - module that is being loaded into mainapp.mxml.


           1) a.swc - Library project - which has set of classes that is being shared amont mainApp and module1.

           2) a.swc has set of custom libraries as SWC included as merged into code for e.g b.swc,c.swc.


      so a.swc file has

      •       set of classes that i had written
      •       b.swc(merged into code) in same SWC file.
      •       c.swc(merged into code) in same SWC file 


      When i add a.swc inside my Mainapp.mxml as merged into code or RSL then i am able to access all the classes that exist in a.swc file but not that is in b.swc and c.swc file . Same is case with the modules.


      What could be reason ?