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    Premiere Pro 5.5 compatibility with 32 bit video card

    Steve Little



      I am have just purchased the student version of CS5.5 Master Collection and am about to load it on to my MacBook Pro which only has a 32 bit video card.


      In the information on the trial version (which I was using and have now uninstalled) it stated that complimentary copies of Premiere Pro CS4 would be provided when you purchase the suite for 32 bit support.


      However reading the installation PDF on the disc the 32 bit support versions only refer to Windows OS.


      There is absolutely no mention of 32 bit support for Mac?


      Am I stuck with a version of Premiere that I am unable to use because I'm on Mac?


      Just as an aside using the trial version I was able to use Premiere CS5.5 with no problem but when I exported a project to Quicktime the file was not recognised by any software and so does not play.


      Many Thanks


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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          >32 bit video card


          One - what is the exact brand and model?


          Two - as far as I know, the 64bit requirement is for the CPU and Operating System, not the graphics card


          I don't have a link handy, but I did read in another message that even if the CPU and OS are 64bit, CS5 absolutely REQUIRES the SSE (I think is the term) instruction set in the CPU's firmware, and a CPU that does not have the microcode will prohibit CS5 from installing

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            Steve Little Level 1



            I proberbly sound really dumb then - Sorry.


            So I am mixing up the bits requirement for the CPU with the bits requirement of the Graphics card.


            For the record this is my system -


            Model Name: MacBook Pro

              Model Identifier: MacBookPro4,1

              Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo

              Processor Speed: 2.4 GHz

              Number Of Processors: 1

              Total Number Of Cores: 2

              L2 Cache: 3 MB

              Memory: 4 GB

              Bus Speed: 800 MHz

              Boot ROM Version: MBP41.00C1.B03

              SMC Version (system): 1.27f3

              Hardware UUID: C86139CA-767F-53E9-ADF7-D0FD02C9E250

              Sudden Motion Sensor:

              State: Enabled


            And the Graphics -


            NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT:


              Chipset Model: GeForce 8600M GT   

              Type: GPU

              Bus: PCIe

              PCIe Lane Width: x16

              VRAM (Total): 256 MB

              Vendor: NVIDIA (0x10de)

              Device ID: 0x0407

              Revision ID: 0x00a1

              ROM Revision: 3212


            Display Connector:

              Status: No Display Connected


              Resolution: 1920 x 1080 @ 60 Hz

              Pixel Depth: 32-Bit Color (ARGB8888)

              Display Serial Number: LEW0C0364013

              Main Display: Yes

              Mirror: Off

              Online: Yes

              Rotation: Supported

            The only issue then is that the graphics card is not GPU acceleration compatable.
            I went ahead and loaded the software and tried exporting the Premiere Project again and the file appears to be playing fine so I would guess that was a restriction on the codexes that came with the trial version that was the issue there.
            Thanks very much for your time.