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    ebook thumbnail missing in library


      Thanks for any help with this. I've downloaded 3 books into my ADE library, and 2 of them show blank white rectangles where their thumbnails of the cover should be. Is this common? Is there a way to get the thumbnails? They make it easier to find what you're looking for.

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          Yes it's common.  It appears to be something to do with the way the website

          downloads the ebook to ADE.  Some sites have two or three choices as to the

          epub file you download.  The one I can think of by example says 'epub with

          illustrations' and 'epub without....'  So, I'm thinking that if the file is

          'without', you might not get a thumbnail.

          ADE can display the ebooks by title, author or source.  If you go to the

          upper right hand corner of the Library display, there are some buttons for

          the different styles of display.  I found that displaying the library

          content by title came in very handy.



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            leaf4100 Level 1

            Many thanks! I thought I did something wrong. Now, to go read!