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    Problem with parse PDF File on Iphone.

    lephukhanh Community Member

      hi everybody,


      I'm parsing content PDF on iphone.This is my problem : I want to detect sentences  (TJ) to words individual.


      ------------------------- // begin a text object

      /F51    10.9091 Tf 90 733.9477    Td[(vi)-16854(O)1(b)-56(j)1(e)-1(ctiv)28(e-C)-334(GNUste)-1(p)-332(B)      -1(ase)-334(Pr)1(ogramm)-1(i)1(ng)-333(Man)28(u)1(al)]TJ



      I already get postion of sentence : 90 733.9477, or textFonesize : 10.9091


      but    How can i get words individualy such : vi, Objective-C, GNUstep    ....because i don't know meaning of the number : -16854,1,-1........


      I guess it express distant bettwen charactor .... I also read PDF reference but it is to massive.


      Please get me out this problem ?


      Thank so much ?