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    CS3 - creating a background


      Hi, I'm using InDesign CS3 and trying to create a background/border that will appear on all pages of a 20 page document. If possible, so the graphics won't move when I add text etc. Any advice? I'm new to this program, so it's taking me time to figure out. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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          Scott Falkner Level 5

          All new documents start with a master page called A-Master. Any new pages added are based on that master unless you specify otherwise. As a new user I expect you didn’t spend much time changing this, so all 20 pages in your document are based on A-Master. You can easily check this by looking in the Pages panel. Do all 20 apge thumbnails have an A on them? Good.


          Double-click on the master page and open the Layers panel. Create e new layer named “Background” and drag it to the bottom of the layer stack. Add your background and make sure it bleeds if necessary. Lock the Background layer. Done.

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            smallwall7 Level 1

            Thank you!!