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    Question about IP addresses of Group Members

    jdbeeler Level 1

      My team is working on a big project using Cirrus.  We need to make sure we can overcome the problem of connecting to our audio servers when the client machine is running behind a proxy or firewall. In order to do it, we would like to know if we can get various IP addresses (real and NATed) of peers in our groups.


      I thank you in advance!

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          Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

          IP addresses of peers (including the local node) are not available to ActionScript.


          an RTMFP server knows the addresses of its client (including the reported local behind-NAT addresses and the observed translated public address).  Cirrus provides no API to retrieve this information.  i believe server-side script on Flash Media Server 4 can access the observed address. i don't believe FMS 4.0 provides a server-side API to access the reported local behind-NAT addresses.


          are you using RTMFP to connect to your "audio servers"? if a client can connect to Cirrus and your audio servers are not behind a NAT or firewall, then that client should also be able to connect to the audio servers with RTMFP.