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    iOS Packager FlashCS5

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            I'm in desperate need of some quick help. I've been through the ringer all day trying to figure this out. I develop games for the iPhone and Android devices using Flash CS5. I recently packaged and uploaded my first iPhone app successfully and it was approved. Following the same exact procedure, with a new provisioning file and appropriate file name changes - I published/packaged my second iPhone application. My problem is when I go to upload it using the Application Loader, it returns an error stating (null) is not a valid zip file. I'm lead to assume this is Flash not packaging the file properly or the Application Loader gone awry! Is anybody else experiencing this issue? Not sure what is going wrong here. I've got some 13 more apps to convert over and I'm sort of at a loss at this point.


      Is there an alternative way I can pacakge the application? I appreciate any assistance! Thanks.

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          are you using an apple computer to package and upload?

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            Thanks for the response! -- I was able to figure it out after 3 days of troubleshooting. Hopefully this helps someone else in the future.


            I'm working on a PC - created all my provisioning and certs using command prompts. Develop and Package in Flash CS5 for iOS on the PC. I have someone on my tech team that I email the finished ipa to for upload via Mac & the application loader. The initial submission went through email fine and was subsequently accepted to the appStore. Anything I emailed afterwards, I imagine, was somehow getting lost in translation between devices/email - When my tech team went to submit, it kept giving the "(null) is not a valid zip" message.


            In desperation, I eventually met up with my tech team to review their process to make sure nothing was going wrong on their end. I brought my ipa's via USB, and everything loaded perfectly fine as is currently 'Waiting For Review'. 6 applications later, haven't had an issue since. Lesson learned! -