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    Local html into non-application sandbox?


      I have an html / javascript app that relies heavily on things that are disallowed by the application sandbox. If the files are loaded on a web server, all of the problems go away because they're placed outside of the application sandbox. I'd really like to include these files locally, but then run them as if they're in a remote domain-based sandbox (much faster performance than downloading the files off of the internet). Any idea how to do that?


      From the 1.5 docs:





      The file resides in the application directory and operates with the full set of AIR privileges.


      The file is from an Internet URL, and operates under domain-based sandbox rules analogous to the rules that apply to remote files in Flash Player. (There are separate remote sandboxes for each network domain, such as http://www.example.com and https://foo.example.org.)


      The file is a local file and the user has designated it as trusted, using either the Settings Manager or a Flash Player trust configuration file. The file can both read from local data sources and communicate with the Internet, but does not have the full set of AIR privileges.


      The file is a local SWF file published with a networking designation, but has not been explicitly trusted by the user. The file can communicate with the Internet but cannot read from local data sources. This sandbox is only available to SWF content.


      The file is a local scripting file that was not published with a networking designation and has not been explicitly trusted by the user. This includes JavaScript files that have not been trusted. The file can read from local data sources but cannot communicate with the Internet.