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    Unable to locate specified base class 'resources.style1.HelpButtonIcon' for component class

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      I have a Flex (4.1.0) project, which has many skinnable custom components. The application allows a user to choose another style which changes these skins via loading a new compiled CSS. These non-default skins are in a separate Flex project.  I've not had a problem with this method until now.


      The custom component I am skinning contains several icons which are defined in the component like this:



      [SkinPart(required="true", type="mx.core.IVisualElement")]

      public var componentIconHelp:IFactory;



      then I use the iconRendererFunction to return the appropriate component part:



      private function iconRendererFunction(item:Object):IFactory


           //truncated method    

           return componentIconHelp;




      Within the skin for "style1", I then have




      <s:Skin xmlns:fx="http://ns.adobe.com/mxml/2009"





      <!-- host component -->







           <fx:Component id="componentIconHelp">

                <style1:HelpButtonIcon />








      When I try to compile this, I get the "Unable to locate specified base class 'resources.style1.HelpButtonIcon' for component class 'resources.style1.ButtonComponentSkinInnerClass0'" error.


      If I remove the HelpButtonIcon from the <fx:Component> declaration, and just put it in the main body of the skin, it compiles and renders, but I need it to be a component (there's multiple components I have to choose from to display, similar to the ButtonBar skin).


      Any ideas why it's not compiling and what I need to do to achive this?