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    FXP generated in CS 5 , Not working in CS 5.5

    Tahir Ramzan



      I have been working in Flash Catalyst CS 5 since Feb 2011. My same project FXP weighs to 3.9MB till now, with a few kb swf splash at startup. It was working perfectly fine till date 04 August 2011. Now when I trashed CS 5 & Install CS 5.5 to work in, that same file is not opening into it. First it asks for update that I had worked in Older version, so it needs to update that file. When I Okayed that, in next step when it tries to load the project file it took long enough time to load 80% and after a while that loading panel disappeared and that time when it needs to load file in Flash Catalyst, the software use to stay blank. Means that loading panel didn't load anything in Flash Catalyst CS 5.5.


      On other side, when I tries to unload my library i.e. remove few components  to make it more lighter, it use to give errors while loading that this file has errors , you need to fix them in Flash Builder, which I dont use for creating my graphical work.


      Can anybody help me with this problem, so my FXP file runs smooth in CS 5.5 too as it is working in CS 5.



      ~ tahr