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    Is this a bug from Flash CS5.5 ?


      Hello there, my name is Sebastian.

      I have a problem since I've upgraded my license from CS3 to CS5.5.

      Every piece of design that I've made in CS3, if it's a flower ( shape ), a character ( movieclip ) or a simple animation ... it randomly chooses to break when I open it in cs5.5.


      If at the begining I have a flower that looks right, If I double click to edit the group, and later get back to that shape, I see that parts of the flower have disappeared with no rule or pattern. Not by colour or shape, just a portion disappears.


      In other cases I don't have to do anything at all, I just open a flash cs3 document with flash cs5.5 and I can see parts of my background missing. This happends randomly.


      Has anyone encounter this problem? What can I do? I do not wish to go back to flash CS3 but  all my design is in cs3 and it seems useless in cs5.5 with all this random parts missing.


      Thanks in advance everyone.