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    Premiere CS5.5 audio problem with m2ts footage




      I have installed CS5.5 trial before buy serial.I have problem with audio when I imported 1080p 25fps m2ts AVCHD (Sony) footage.

      There is no problem until when I import the file with media browser.The problem start when I move to a sequence ( to timeline) Every track has audio til 30 seconds and than there is no audio. The video is ok.But every footage wich longer than 30 seconds miss the audio.There is no keyframe or muting, so I dont know what can be a problem?

      I use win7 64 bit, 16GB RAM, Nvidia GTX470, operation system drive : OCZ Revodrive PCI-E SSD, media files storage drive : OCZ vertex3 SSD.

      MAybe cause the problem Premiere cannot import the m2ts files correctly from SSD?Please help.

      Thanks! (Sorry for my english)