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    Unable to install FB4.5.1 through Adobe Application Manager




      we tried to make a msi package of 4.5.1 with the AAM with no success for ..1 part of the 4.5.1 (the ..1 patch ...iOs, Blackerry... is not installed, the fonctionnalities are not there, and the FB version is always 4.5.0, the 4.5.1 sdk is not proposed for a new project... even if sdk 4.5.1 directory is in the FB sdk directory )
      - no problem to create the msi package (on a virtual machine, Vista 32b, admin)
      - we are sure the setup used is for the 4.5.1 version (ok with a manual setup)
      - we followed the guidelines of the documentation (no installation of a CS5* product...)
      - we tried with and without the uprade proposed in AAM
      - we tried with and without the constraint on conflicts


      Logs :
      -------- without the ugrade in AAM :


      Main Log

      Successfully installed 15 components:
      - AIR for Apple iOS support (FB)
      - AIR for Apple iOS support (FB)_2.6.1_AIRforiOSFlashBuilder-mul
      - Adobe Flash Builder 4.5_4.5.1_AdobeFlashBuilder-mul
      Total components repaired: 0
      Total components removed: 0
      - 0 fatal error(s), 0 error(s), 0 warning(s)
      Exit Code: 0 - No error.



      -------- with the ugrade in AAM  :

      Same log for main installation


      Log ..1

      Exit Code: 32 - The patch is already applied.


      Log Air for iOs Support

      Exit Code: 32 - The patch is already applied.


      Every time... the patch is not installed ! the version of FB is always 4.5.0 buid 308971 and not


      We did something wrong ? AAM is supposed to works with 4.5.1?