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    going back from scene 2 to particular moment in scene 1


      Hello all,


      I have encountered a problem, and I need help from more experienced flash users.


      I am creating a webpage in flash, and for now, it consists of 3 scenes. First one is a loading bar, scene 2 is a main page with all menus, and on 3rd scene there is a gallery. I plan to make many galleries, each in different scene. Everything is ok to the moment, when I want to go back from scene 3 to scene 2. Scene 2 consists of many layers and movieclips, however, the main timeline consists only of one frame. When, in scene 2, I will get to the moment from which I am going to scene 3, so to some gallery, then after I am comming back to scene 2 (via gotoAndPlay('Scene 2', 1)), I am getting to scene in a state, as I see it just after loading bar disappears. But I want to be in a place, from which I went to scene 3. How do I achieve this? I think, there should be a way of remembering status of the scene 2 in such a way, that after comming back from scene 3 I would be in the same place from which I left to the mentioned scene 3. Be advised, that scene 2 is in one frame, and all movement in the scene 2 is done by actionscript and movieclips. I am using AS2.0.

      I hope I explained it in understandable way, let me know if there is a need for clarification.


      please help me before I will go crazy