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    Connect to Data wizard with IBM Websphere problem

    DrBarash Level 1



      I am trying to use the flash builder connect to data wizard (Data -> connect to webservices).

      my client is flex 4.5 application, and my server is a normal JEE 5 application running on IBM Websphere 7 server.

      I don't use BlazeDS, CF or anythig else...


      Now, the tricky part:


      JEE 5 server creates the webservice on it's own, including the wsdl files.

      When I try using the connect to data wizard, and use a wsdl and an xsd deployed by IBM Websphere, I get an error:

           There was an error during service introspection.

             Referenced file contains errors (http://localhost:9080/advisor-server/AS/AS_schema1.xsd).

      When I deploy exactly the same application on Oracle Glassfish server, all works well.
      The problem is that the client demmanded Websphere....


      Any ideas?


      Thank you all