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    Work Around for Authorization Limit


      I work in a public library and we have two download stations where patrons can download and transfer books to their devices.  To open the books they need ADE, but there is a limit to the number of devices you can authorize.  This doesn't really work for our purposes and I was wondering if anyone knew of a work around so we could have any number of patrons transfer books to their devices?

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          Most public libraries I know (five in this area) use other software that's

          intended for multiple patrons.  That software sets up a dialogue with the

          individual's computer to download an ebook to their machine, and that's

          all.  ADE becomes their 'library' on their computers.  It seems strange to

          me that your library would be using ADE as part of that process.


          Since ADE is designed for an individual, it is limited in the number of

          devices it will support: two computers and four ebook readers.  The design

          point assumes a more or less ongoing relationship between ADE and those

          devices.  In your situation, it's the opposite, so I don't think there's a

          way around the limitations.  Maybe someone else on the forum can give you

          pointers to an alternative solution?