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    FLV Playback script

    german01 Level 1
      Please help me with this project. I have four video clips on the same stage. One movie is a question and the other three are answers. I'm using FLVplayback component. Each instance is linked to an external video clip through it's parameters.

      I would like each answer display a message. For example, the right answer displays, Yes, that's it, and the other two wrong answer display "No, try another one". I'm using a dynamic text box for this message.

      The problem is that when I use listeners, they are placed on the frame where the video clips reside.

      Here is the Script I'm using.

      label p1

      var m;
      m=["Yes, that's it!", "No, try another one!"]

      label p4 (where the video clips are loaded)

      var myListener:Object = new Object();
      myListener.onMouseDown = function () {


      What is the correct script so that each answer clip displays the right text?

      Can I insert the script in each of the instances of the FLVplayback?

      How to connect each video clip to each of the answers?