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    Older installer for Flashpaper2?


      I was using Flashpaper2 for converting docs to swf for use in Adobe Connect meetings. The version of Flashpaper2 I had installed was 2.0.2236 running on XP. At the time, as far as i recall the licence agreement was similar to Abobe Reader, Flashplayer, etc, and was one of clicking 'I agree' on installation.


      I have just upgraded to a new laptop running Windows 7 (32 bit). I downloaded the latest Flashpaper2 from Adobe and i managed to get it working on Windows 7, using the various bits of advice and fiddle factors on some of the discussion boards. However, it now appears that an activation key is needed for the latest available version after a 30 day trial period (although my trial period only seemed to last around an hour before i was asked for an activation key!!!).


      Does anyone know if the installer for v2.0.2236 is still available anywhere?


      The older version did the job for me and if i could install this again, it would be much easier than the hassle of arranging company POs for an activation key for the latest version. No idea why they changed the licencing for it in the first place. We already have a site licence for Connect. No idea why they don't bundle it with the licencing for that as that's what a lot of people are using it with.


      Any advice appreciated.

      Cheers. Jim.