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    Coldfusion Logout Problem


      Hi all,


      Recently we discovered that on IE9 and Firefox 5, our logout functionality doesn't work anymore. We have tried about everything to make the logout work, but with no success.


      What we tried:

      • Clearing all cookies using <cfcookie name="#cookiename#" expires="now"> for all cookies available. When looking in Firefox 5, all cookies are still there.
      • Clearing session with structdelete
      • setting session variables to empty string
      • ...


      What's weird about this is that in other browsers this works perfectly fine. Except for Firefox 5 and IE9.

      Btw, I'm not the only one having this problem, we have had several customers reporting this and all my collegues have the same problem too.


      Maybe anyone has experienced this problem too and has found a fix for it?


      Thanks in advance.