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    Admin Help


      Seems each Time I try to downlaod the ADE I get a screen that comes up asking for ADMIN passwork and /or switch to current user.

      When trying the Admin I use the computer password and it says it not valid. When I switch to my name which is how we log on to the cumputer, it wont accept tha either and in fact wont let me even enter anything in the user or password fields.

      What can I do to get this downloaded?

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          If you're using a Windows home computer or the computer at the office, it's

          the operating system that's telling you that you don't have rights to

          download and install programs.  If you're at the office, you'll have to go

          to the IT administrator/web administrator and ask him/her to do it for you

          (assuming that they will agree to doing it in the first place.  Many

          companies don't let their employees download and install programs because

          it's considered a misuse of company resources.).  At home, you need to find

          the ADMIN user in the list of Windows users and log on as that ID.



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            Wolfantha Level 1

            It's my home computer and the only user is myself. I have to use a password to log on  there is no admin user on my system.

            I have the only access to the system

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              Wolfantha Level 1

              If this helps i will go through step by step on what is happening.

              1) I click the install button

              2) A Box comes up with Run As at the top then it has two options the first being  Current user (which is how I am logged in on my home laptop) and the other being  Run the program as the fowwloing user which is checked and has Administrator already in the name field password is blank.  I have tried to change this to current user and also have tried to change the Administrator to my name and use my password and nothing happens i get an error message the installer needs administrative permission

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                IT did help.


                Somewhere along the line, you're getting into the 'Run As' dialogue, which

                isn't where you should be.  That has to do with the way you've set up your

                user password.  In effect, Windows doesn't know that the User ID you've set

                up has ADMIN rights.



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                  Ok but how do I fix that?  This is frustrating

                  I have no problem with updating flash or any other prgrams on my computer this

                  seems to be the only problem

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                    You're now in Windows tech territory.  Sorry, but I'm not a Windows tech.

                    When I have that kind of a question, I call my Best Buy Geek Squad.  They

                    are willing to talk to me and get me through the issues I have - most of the

                    time.  If it gets complex, then they want me to bring the computer to




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                      Exactly the same problem here.  I am logged in as the Administrator (I tried to create a new account when this started happening, and noticed that my current user had "Administrator" under it), and can install, uninstall ANYTHING on my home computer... except Adobe Digital Editions.  Any help would be welcome!

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                        Patrynn Level 1

                        I got it working, for anyone interested!


                        Seems the REAL administrator account is disabled by default.  I googled it and found instructions on how to activate the administrator account, log onto the administrator and install ADE, and then log back into my main account and disable the administrator account (http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vista/enable-the-hidden-administrator-account-on-wi ndows-vista/).