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    Help - InDesign CS 5.5 can't work with many master pages.




      We are trying InDesign CS 5.5 and there is  big issue for us. If we have many master pages in the document, in this case 13 the program is unusable. It is so slow that it takes ages to select text, open a menu or do anything.


      We have about 250pages in the book. One master page deals with page numbering the other master pages deal with the title of the various smaller stories that comprise the book. There is nothing more than just a few lines of text in each masterpage.


      We tried removing preflight, display options etc. but the problem persists. If we remove the master pages everything is fine. Old documents created and working fine in CS4 have the same problem in CS 5.5??



      We are running Windows 7 64bit on a i7 with RAID scratch etc.., so hardware should not be an issue.


      Any ideas how to fix this?


      Thanks in advance