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    Brand new PC with "Intel's Smart Response" SSD Capability. Advice on Hard drive set up?


      My brand new motherboard has the Z68 chipset allowing for what is essentially HDD Caching to a Solid State drive. The idea behind this technology is that it allows your standard big ol' HDD to be up to 75% as fast as an SSD. It will cache (for me) up to 60GB of my most commonly used files (it decides those), for quick access/read/writes.


      This is what I have for new drives on this new PC:


      - 1 x 1TB HDD

      - 1 x 60gb SSD

      - 3 x 1TB HDD (Raid 5 for 2TB space)



      How can I utlize the SSD for Premiere pro (CS5)? These are what I see as my options:


      1) 2 drive config, utilizing new technology:

      HDD with SSD caching technology
      OS, program files, page file, media cache



      2) 3 drive config, SSD has the OS:

      OS, Program files, page filePreviews, Media CacheSourceMedia/Projects, Exports

      3) 3 drive config, SSD used for Premiere

      Previews, Media CacheOS, Program files, page fileSourceMedia/Projects, Exports


      4) ?


      Edit: I should note that my board supports 2 SATA III Ports, which the SSD will be on.


      The rest of my computer is pretty amped. i7 2600K @ 3.4ghz. 16GB 1600mhz RAM CL8. Nvidia 560ti SuperClocked with 192 Cuda Cores.


      I did find this other thread related to the topic. But I thought it would be benificial to talk some more about it.

      Here is of course, Harm's Generic Guideline For Disk Set Up.


      Thanks in Advance for all the thoughts/help/discussion!