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    Additional text in the Slide Notes

    JoelleSmith_Calgary Level 1

      After we publish a Presenter file, the output displays additional text in the Slide notes (ex. DRAFT ONLY  -  Version 1.0  -  Last Updated September 2, 2010...).  This text does not display in the Slide Notes of the original file.  I'm trying to determine if there's a Powerpoint versioning setting or Presenter setting that is causing this behavior.  I still haven't been able to figure it out.  I'm working on a XP operating system with Office 2010 installed. I'm using Presenter v.7.0.5.  I tried running the 7.0.6 patch update, but I get a message that it is not a valide Win32 application.  I don't know if these 2 issues are associated with the same root cause.


      Does anyone know how to fix this Slide Notes issue?