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    Flash can't do even basic tasks

      1. these forums are slow a skit. Quit using CF on top of J2EE, the performance sox azz.

      2. Typing this post over because of being "censored" it refarded.

      Answer, or flame, I don't care. I'm having my company use AJAX/Web2.0/or Lazlo. I'm so fed up with Flash.

      1. Simple document, first layer first frame has this code (it never works)

      var colorme:Color = new Color (" pathToMovieClipNeverWorks ");
      colorme.setRGB ("#FFFFFF");

      2. 2nd layer, has a button and a movice clip called "mc"

      if I use mc in the placeholder above, it works BUT ONLY FOR THE BUTTON. What path do I use to access the movie clip on the 2nd frame.

      No wonder why no one has bought Flex or develops in Flash. The IDE soxs flamin azz. I can't wait for MSFT to kill adobe with Sparkle and/or XAML.