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    Anchored Text vs Span Columns?

    Daniel Flavin Level 4

      I have about 10 section heads. After resizing 11 frames and moving the 10 head frames for years on this one, I thought I would find a way to flow the heads.

      I have cut the head frame and pasted inline after a break character (after chan 86). Something is pushing chan 101 down; If I select the heads frame and arrow up/down, it does not move (it is anchored), chan 101 moves up/down. Basline grid is turned on only for reference, no styles align to basline (yet).

      This doc has been a CS2 document, I am tweaking in CS3, I have CS4 installed, but I think this may only be easily solved via Heads Span Columns available in CS5

      Anchored Head.png


      Note the sections used and how I would like to be able force the heads to flow. You wouldn't realize how often your cable co. adds channels to a system, this document is in a perpetual state of update.



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          I'm not quite sure I understand the structure here, and seeing the frame edges would help. If you are going to want the channels in boxes, though, I think they need to be a separate frame from the headings (especially if you want round corners, which you can't add to a table easily). Span columns would certainly work -- I use it for putting headlines on news stories all the time, but it might make more sense to thread together wide one-column frames and deep multi-column frames and set the style onthe headings to start in next frame, then adjust the multi-column frame depths.

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            Daniel Flavin Level 4

            Anchored Head 2.png

            Currently, I may need to add 4 listings within section 1. I will need to increase the frame height, and move section 2. Section 2 may need 2 more items, I will need to increase its height also. Frames 3 thru n will all need to be moved down to accomodate sections 1 and 2 additional space. (Prior to today, the section heads are seperate frames which need movement also - 14 items need to be distributed.)

            I have been working, without success, towards using a break character before the Section Heads. It seems that one unthreaded frame would simplify this.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              OK, first, I really don't understand why the section heads need to be anchored objects, and if they aren't you can use a keep option to start them in the correct frame.