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    What tools to use (RTS game)


      Okay, I'm new to flash, and have been searching for days on this subject. I just have a few questions that will help my guide my path...


      So I want to create a game for the web / android / iphone market that is an online RTS. This game would be from the top-down (3rd person - like at an angle) view. The users will be able to "build" in this game, and it will have a large map (I assume loading as needed).


      Should I be using Flash Builder? Flex? Flash Pro? Action Script 3? I'm very lost on the proper tool to complete such a task. I come from a web development / Java background.


      Once I choose the development playform, Do i need any 3D engine? like Away3D?

      Any help on what sites I need to checkout... tools to use or any helpful comment would be perfect!


      Thank you so much!