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    Opening a Word doc


      Hello all, I am new to Flex.  I have some experience with AS3 (still switching over from AS2).


      Anyway, I am making a Flex project where I have a text link in a datagrid.  This link needs to open a word document that is on our company network.  Currently I'm working on my own personal computer on my C drive (not sure if that affects anything - when i hit Run does it run the application from my C drive? It should still work from there i'd think?)  We have a bunch of other drives on our network, and the word doc I'm trying to open is on a "P:" drive.


      I'm not sure what I might be doing wrong, but I created a LinkButton and tried 2 different attempts at opening a Word doc.


      1. I tried creating a new URLRequest and navigateToURL to attempt to open the word doc - nothing happens when I click the link. The link button will launch google if i replace my word doc path with the google url.
      2. I tried sending the file path to javascript via ExternalInterface and having javascript open it up.  It doesn't work that way either.


      Is there something I should know about opening up a Word doc file with Flex? Or possibly is it not working because of where the file resides?  Any thoughts?