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    Gaming with Onlive (Cloud Computing)

    masuland Level 1
      When considering speed we always take a look at
      the gaming industry ... The new Onlive-Service is
      an example of that.


      Gaming via Cloud Computing?
      Adobe AIR 2.0 ... better be fast ;)

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          jbenson@oper8 Level 2
          A similar development on the application front is Xenocode's toolset allowing for complete virtualization of an app. ( http://www.xenocode.com/)

          However the reason that Adobe AIR will be fine is the fact that Adobe is committed to providing a true desktop integrated projector for flash, flex and ajax. It's essentially a platform for web developers to leverage existing skills and develop RIAs at an extremely quick pace.

          I think they're different animals with different audiences as typically the average front-end web developer is looking for a way to create quick applications that link to his or her service, expand their toolset, and increase stickiness of their brands and products. (See Pandora for an example, Pandora's desktop app would not benefit in development time, speed or platform reach if it was developed using virtualized tech like OnLive or Xenocode).

          just my 2 cents.