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    Disable paste Rich HTML (from Word)

    Fly Molo

      Short version: Can I disable the pasting of RichHTML (added markup) in RoboHelp 9?


      Long version:

      At this office we have used Word to draft changes to our existing Help topics. These docs usually include formatting, styles, and comments. In the past we would just copy from Word and paste into RoboHelp 7 and get plain text. That wasn't always ideal, but we managed just fine and did the formatting in RoboHelp HTML anyway.


      We recently upgraded form RoboHelp 7 to RoboHelp 9 which now supports 'pasting Rich Html' so that all the table formatting, links, and so on are copied from the source and can be pasted to the RoboHelp HTML UI. Naturally we want to copy from Word (now 2010) and paste into RoboHelp 9, but the pasting now includes the formatting and comments from Word. I generally have no need to copy comments from Word and paste them into RoboHelp, plus the formatting comes over with Office-style 'mso-xyz-stuff'markup.


      Maybe someone out there has a similar issue. I couldn't find any posts here on the forum about it, and the online Help only seems to reference the feature in the 'What's new for RoboHelp 9' topic. Is there a way I can disable this new feature (came out in RH8, right?) or avoid 'cleaning' the text through some plain text editor before pasting into RoboHelp?