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    Flash Game Problem Need Help! Action-Script 2.0


      Im making a flash game its a sniper game btw and i am have a problem with after killing the target for it to go to the next frame. I have tried on(press) on(release) for buttons i hae tried lots of different stuff (1.3 hours of trying) and so i was wondering if you could help me out. and here the link to the download for the source .fla yes i uploaded it cuz i really need the help ! thanks for any help! http://fileape.com/?act=download&t=yz6Lhp0oDdAB-7whXWB62WIoACXMVgV7r1flbKy17aJZamyC-vXNFwx tZP6pwXV50NGk3XWK9anDa4m6tBfGEtPOZwKbuZFcaFyGyEGiYqeILdcvVuEZy3QVHX3xY6S170xapkdrZJN9lov4k hxeqJ4_S6aGRpNQWjTT3MhudPLa1ZBAi79CiPqX5kN835lD7vzAU0O6WJZaK6jZBROg2A,,



      if the top one doesnt work (the top one shouldnt have a time wait)

      Thanks for all help
      also please if you can find the problem itd be nice to know what it is