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    Hyperlinks - Different Projects/Child Projects


      Working in RH HTML X5,
      Generating .chm and webhelp - Help.

      1. I was wondering if its possible to link a Hyperlink in a Topic from Project A to a Bookmark/Topic in a Project B.
      2. Also in child projects, can we call a Hyperlink from a Parent project to a child project or vice versa?- Parent and Child projects are merged - Both .chm and webhelp?

      Searched in Peter's site and Rick's site, but I guess was not looking at the right place so didnt find anything related.

      Please help

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          This covers webhelp only.

          1] Yes, see the topic on merged webhelp for the method of creating cross project links.

          2] The whole point of my method is to avoid having content in the parent project. Please take another look at it.

          The way in which cross project links is created is different when creating CHM help so you will need to create two links, one for each method, and use conditional tags. My webhelp method is not designed for use with merged CHM help but I am told it can be used. Download the demo and experiment with that, it's much easier and less dangerous than working with your full project.