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    How to add and remove component to Group in flex4

    AVKRFLEX Level 1

      Hi Folks,

      I have faced this issue, the issue is "I cretaed custom component Gropup " and then

      I have button , 1) when i click on that button  adding componenets to that group.

                           2) When i click on the same button second time ..those componenets should be remove(what i added before)

            The problem is what  i am getting  error "RangeError: Index 2 is out of range." while removing last element

                     Code is :       if(group.numElements == 3){


                                                      for(var j:int = 2; j > 0; j--){




                                                        trace("Index out of range");



      Please let me help if anybody know this issue



      Thanks & Regards,