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    Flash Builder's debugger is hanging my browser!


      Hi everyone!


      I've been running into a situation where every time I try to debug my app, in Flash Builder my browser hangs!


      I've tried installing both Flash Player debuggers I found on the Adobe site: The Windows Flash Player ActiveX control content debugger for Internet Explorer and Netscape compatible browsers.


      Both IE and Mozilla freeze when my app tries to make a connection back to my local server (localhost), which stops either browser from connecting to Flash BuilderGoogle Chrome simply cannot install the Flash Player debugger plugin.


      I can't seem to get around this. There seems to be a bug in the Flash Player debugger!!


      Does anyone know how to fix this?


      I read from http://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FB-16153 that the installed Flash Player is the wrong version. And reinstalling a debugger version of Flash Player 9 would solve it. But what if I need the Flash Player 10? Then what?




      I'm working with:


      Flash Builder 4

      Flash Player 10.3

      Mozilla 4.0 Beta 7

      Internet Explorer 8.0.6