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    Sr. Engineer Job Opportunity

    VZW Recruiter

      As a member of the Device Evolution organization, you will be responsible for providing technical leadership in driving new products (devices/applications/services) to market in a timely fashion. Develop wireless device requirements and test plans. Establish partnerships with internal teams to (1) solve complex technical problems and (2) develop complex technical features.  The requirements will support VZW unique services and business opportunities.


      You will need to effectively work with internal and external teams, as well as outside vendors to evaluate technologies and determine long term deployment strategies. Filtering and analyzing multiple inputs in order to lay out a competitive roadmap is critical, including being able to turn information into digestible, actionable recommendations. The preferred candidate is skilled at working with a broad cross-functional team to drive technical projects to production. The preferred candidate has expertise in developing connectivity clients for wireless applications/services using various web technologies (e.g., web services, Web API, HTML5, mashups). Applications and services range in complexity from basic information transfer to real-time multimedia services.  The candidate must have the ability to lead and manage vendors as well as providing strong technical leadership when interfacing with other organizations (e.g. network teams, marketing) within Verizon Wireless.


      for additional information about this job opportunity please contact Angela Paccione at angela.paccione@verizonwireless.com


      Thank You!