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    Pr cs5.5 plays my viedos broken and it skips

    bigchacal56 Level 1

      Hi guys

      My computer meets the pc requirement for Pr cs5.5

      But it doesn't play videos well in the preview screen

      the movie is all like broken and it skips and get late

      I've downloaded coreavc h.264 codec and it is supposed to help but still not working well

      so I cannot even use pr cs5.5

      any ideas or settings I should fix?


      thank you



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          ptl-2010 Level 1

          What are your specifications and what is the footage from? Just because your PC meets specs doesn't mean it will run perfectly when editing all footage.

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            bigchacal56 Level 1


            thank you first for your help


            my graphic card is : AMD M880G with ATI mobility Radeon HD 4250

            Processor : AMD Phenom (TM) II P820 triple core processor

            64 bits


            I have this problem with all kind of videos but they mostly come from a gopro hd filmed in 720p 60fps MP4

            but I even have this problem with like canon photo camera's video wich are really low quallity

            I cheked on internet forum and people having the same computer and the same like graphic card and processor can use adobe pr just fine.

            My uncle even have the same computer and doesnt have this problem

            Seems like a codec problem

            I have coreavc 2.5.5 h.264. it helps but not enough

            maybe it is not set right,


            Hope you can help me,


            thank you



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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              First rule for editors: NEVER install third party codecs, unless you are ABSOLUTELY sure that it will not cause problems and you have several reliable reports to substantiate that it is safe to use.


              Not saying that is the case here, but your system is so weak in terms of CPU and video card, and you forgot to mention the memory and hard disk setup, but assumedly it has the same weaknesses, that this source material just makes your system dead slow.


              Solution: Either get a new system or restrict yourself to editing DV material, not highly compressed material.

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                bigchacal56 Level 1



                Thanks again


                The codec coreavc 2.5.5 h.264 is really recommended by Gopro hd cam website. ( http://http://gopro.com/support/troubleshooting-tips-hd/ in the section my computer will not playback MP4 videos.)


                Here's my pc info:

                Winows 7

                4 Go RAM (3.74 Go free)


                264Go empty space of memory

                I'm sorry for the hard disc setup, I don't really know what it is ( english is not my first language )

                maybe it's: SYSTEM: 199 Mo NTFS, And C: 451.94 Go NTFS


                I have the same problem with quicktime ( updated yesterday) and other software like Corel studio, power director...  (Those programs used to work just fine like on year ago)

                only windows media is able to play those hd videos well


                I really feel like the problem is not my pc parts or memory.

                Maybe theres a broken file or a wrong setting, or a update that I need for a program but I have done the updates as they are requested recently

                my uncle have the exact same pc and adobe premiere and all those hd videos players works well

                I wish I could use Adobe premiere pro during the trial, to see how it works before buying it


                You really look like you know a lot about computers and adobe premiere pro


                Thanks a lot for your help



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                  ptl-2010 Level 1

                  H.264 is a very compressed format which is really hard on a machine. I have an acer laptop at home with an i5@2.53 ghz, 4g ddr3 ram, 7200rpm HDD, and ati 5650 and editing H.264 off of my 60d can be a painfully slow process, though I can power through most other things just fine. Your setup is extremely week and might not be able to handle editing h.264, even at 720p. Try converting your footage to mpeg2 or an avi and see how it plays back. If it works, then the .mp4's are just too much for your machine.


                  Another option is to start with a clean disk... backup all of your files on an external hard drive, reinstall windows and the software you need, and see if that helps. You might have corrupt program files, or like you said a setting changed, but the quickest and easiest way to fix that is to start over. It may take a few hours but that's less time than the days you will spend trying to find an answer. You may also try the "system restore" and see if there is a date before the time you noticed the slow down.


                  In the future it's a better idea to go with a desktop, you get a much better price to performance ratio.

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