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    Check box to change charge rates.

    CoreyScheck Level 1

      Basically I am trying to implement javascript or formcalc to perform the following function...


      When you check the highcost_Yes check box the value in field charge1 changes to 10, with no check in the highcost_Yes field the value of charge1 should be 8.

      I have the default value for the charge1 field set to 8 as well if that may be causing me issues.


      check box highcost_Yes (values set to 1 or 0)



      This is the javascript snippit I tried:


      if (highcost_Yes ==1)


      charge1 == 10


      charge1 == 8



      After some reaserch I tried this formcalc code:


      if(highcost_Yes == 1)then

      elseif (charge1==8)


      I have been learning javascript this term in school so while I understand the concept I am far from practicing it efficiently.

      Can anyone tell me where I went wrong?  Thanks!

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          Hodmi Level 4

          Hi Corey;


          If I read your post correctly, highcost_Yes is the name of the radio button field.  A radio button (and any field) is an object, so you need to look at its properties and not the field itself:


          if (highcost_Yes.rawValue ==1)




          rawValue will contain the current state of the field.




          You may also try posting in the LiveCycle Designer or LiveCycle Forms forums.  There are a lot more JavaScript and FormCalc people on that list.

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            CoreyScheck Level 1

            Thanks for the information. I reposted in the other thread, hopefully I will get some javascript focused assistance there.

            Thanks again for taking the time to give me some guidance, I really appreciate it!