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    about to BUILD - how much to I do in BIOS before Win 7?

    nantoskey Level 1

      My build is complete ... now on to configuration.


      I'm still unsure of how much I do in BIOS before I load Win7 and then my RAID5 controller.


      --Boot Order?

      --RAM to 1600?

      --Onboard RAID0?


      I never have done this and am afraid of screwing it up!



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          --Boot Order? BIOS

          --RAM to 1600? Depends on your system.

          --Onboard RAID0? BIOS.

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            screeen Level 1

            hi. yes, going in your BIOS is very scary indeed. The BIOS access key, which key, depends on the kind of motherboard you have. In mine, which is the Z68 Asrock Extreme4, the BIOS are called UEFI, and to access them you click DEL or F2 after start up, when you see the image/logo of your mobo.


            In fact, i almost had a nervous breakdown going in my BIOS, because i was told (by the various youtube movies that i watched to learn about BIOS) that you are supposed to click DEL repeatedly, when in fact, my own mobo does NOT like that at all, it locks up when you press a key repeatedly, and i had to force quite (click that start btn), until i read here (http://pcsupport.about.com/od/fixtheproblem/a/biosaccess_mb.htm) or somewhere, that for some mobos suffice it to hit the DEL or access key once, twice, possibly even three times, but patiently and slowly, NOT with conviction or determination....


            I am insecure about explaining how to RAID, in fact, i had a technitian come over and hold my hand when i went in mine. So now, i am confident enough to change the boot order, but if and when it comes my time to RAID, no doubt i'll ask my trusted technitian to come over again.


            Good luck to you.