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    Ruben's Flex Book / Pricope's Large Book

    kid electric Level 1

      Anybody here have experience with modifying Ruben Swieringa's Flex Book or Miti Pricope's updated version, Large Book (a dynamic version to allow large numbers of pages/content without bogging down performance)?


      I need to figure out how to lock/unlock page turns, and to determine the function or event that is triggered when the page is turned... I will search through the classes to find out, but figured I'd post here in case anybody is experienced with it and can save me some time by guiding me where to find this in the package(s).


      (I'd like to dynamically enable/disable page turns, and to listen for the page turn so that additional events can occur when the page is turned)


      -- Matt

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          kid electric Level 1

          Okay, I might be able to figure this one out... I found the book events that are triggered and hopefully I can use something like a combination of pageflipEnding and getLastFlippedCorner to be able to figure out whether it was turned forward or back a page... 


          if that works, I just need to find a way to lock/prevent and unlock page flips (I imagine this will involve setting a flag to allow/disallow mouse over or click events on those areas)...