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    Flex 4, datagrid, checkboxes, and the impossible dream?


      I want to build a datagrid that has a column with checkboxes so the user can select a single record or multiple records (for deletion, for exporting, for whatever). But I also want to enable the user to click on anywhere in the row other than the checkbox to open a record for editing. I know how to do one or the other function, but I haven't been smart enough to figure out how to combine the functions with Flex 4. Is it possible?


      I see this sort of functionality in my gmail account - I can click on checkboxes to select items for delete *and* I can click on any item to open it for reading, etc. The item doesn't open when I click on the checkbox. I see lots of posts discussing checkboxes in datagrids. I've studied Alex's Flex Closet post at http://blogs.adobe.com/aharui/2010/01/checkboxes_in_datagrid_with_ch.html most closely. Can anyone point me in the right direction?