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    Feature request: automatic clip placement based on xmp metadata




      from time to time I have situation where two or three cameras (something like Canon 5D mk2) are shooting some event simultaneously. I need to sync them on post. Since I don't have timecode on .mov output from this type of camera I still can check xmp metadata for "Creation date" and manually place clips on tracks at respective times. I see this task automated easily with some kind of script, but as far as I know, premiere does not offer scripting tools, or does it!? So maybe this feature can be coded in some future premiere versions?!


      NB: syncing clips based on xmp creation date is not frame perfect, but still better than nothing at all.


      Placing still images as clips on timeline based on their xmp metadata creation time can also be automated!?

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          You can submit feature requests and bug reports here: http://www.adobe.com/go/wish


          No, Premiere Pro doesn't currently have a scripting interface. After Effects does. You could script the action in After Effects and then export a Premiere Pro project from After Effects. Just a thought.

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            shakespit Level 1

            Thank you for an idea!


            I wrote a simple script to get metadata from files and offset AE clip times respectively. It is quite dirtycoded but does the job for me. Maybe someone will want to use this script, so I put it on a public accessible URL: http://zig-zag.ru/usefulshit/ae/xmp_time_shifter.jsx


            My workflow is as follows:

            - I separate camera footages (.mov, .jpg, etc...), and put them to folders like camera_01, camera_02 etc

            - create new project in AE, new composition - named "camera_01_p1", import files from camera_01 folder to a project panel, drag'n'drop them to a compo, select "camera_01_p1" compo and run xmp_time_shifter.jsx

            - I have 8 hours of footage, so I duplicate "camera_01_p1" composition, name it "camera_01_p2", delete all layers but unshifted ones, rerun time shifter script, repeat with the rest

            - do the same with camera_02 (don't forget to adjust still photo layer duration before time shifting)

            - export to a premiere project (yeah, thank you for this one!)

            - then I open project in premiere, copy everything to a same sequence (different layers where needed)

            - last thing is to sync entire video and photo layers at some known moment - it is done easily by placing marker at some time feature on different video/audio clips, and manually shifting entire layer to sync

            - profit!


            Since we are allready offtopic to premiere, I place some of my notes here:

            - XMPFile function does not read files like "/d/path" on my windows 7, so I replaced them with "d:/"

            - don't understand why, but this check - if(fname != null){ is not working. So script will fail on compositions with solid, null, etc. layers.

            - I wrote simple date parser that is currently working with Nikon D3 (.jpg) and Canon 5D mk2 (.mov) but it can fail on some other models/formats.