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    Hard Drive Set-up


      I've been planning to build a new editing machine for a while.  After reading this forum for a while, I've picked up a lot of good ideas but there (at least) one piece of the puzzle I still haven't seen addressed...Which drive controller handles which drives ?


      I'm planning to have my OS/Program drive as RAID 1 (2 x Samsung F4), my Page File / Scratch drive RAID 0 (2 x ?), and my Project File/Media RAID 3.


      My motherboard (Gigabyte GA-58A-UD7) has 2 SATA-3 ports controlled by a Marvel 9128 controller, 6 SATA-2 ports controlled by an Intel controller, and I plan to install an Areca 1880.


      I get that the Areca handles the Project and Media files but is it better to have the OS drives or the page file drives on the motherboard's SATA-3 ports ?