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    Reader X : Wrong Fonts (was working with Reader\Pro 9 and Pro 10)


      Hi all,


      First : this form pdf work with adobe Reader 9 and Acrobat Pro 9\X



      i did a pdf form with scribus, i embed 2 fonts : 3of9barcode and freemono bold fonts.

      (compatibility PDF 1.5 (acrobat 6) )



      My client update to Reader X and the problem is that the fonts are 'squares' and the barcode is text not barcode.


      When i do look at the properties in reader X, it founds the embedded fonts. There is no error when opening it.


      no console errors or Reader error.


      If i open the document with Pro X , there is no problem, the fonts are good. i try to save a copy, an optimized copy, or a copy with limited rights,

      but the result is the same, when i open the pdf with Reader X the fonts are bad.


      i tried ton install the fonts on Windows but it does not help...


      Do you have any clue ???

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          I have exactly the same problem!!!


          I create and layout my forms in scribus and adjust them in Adobe 9 Pro. Setting the tab order and having the possibility to make fillable forms saveable are gorgeous. However, people who use ReaderX cannot work with these very forms anymore because there appears only squiggly squary rubbish in the fillable form fields instead of nice and clean Times Now Roman font. In Reader 9 everything worked fine. I cannot force everybody to go back to version 9, in order to be able to work wth the forms.


          It's so annoying, please help.