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    Multicam DOA


      Just loaded PP5.5 on my MAC.  All 3 cameras came in fine, I marked the sync points and did the sync.  Created a new sequence and nested the multicam sequence into it.  Enabled Multicam and activated the multicam monitor.  Nothing on the monitor, black.  All the clips are active and when I double click on the multicam sequence I can see the 3 cameras in the source monitor but when I run the mulitcam monitor none of the clips are visible.  Any thoughts.  I used this CS4 and know how to nest, etc.  Doesn't look any different in 5.5...correct??  thanks

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          Well as the old saying goes, fool me once shame on you...fool me twice shame on me.  Back in the days when CS5 just came out, I bought a black magic intensity card because it said on their advertising "works with Adobe Premiere Pro".  But what they failed to tell you was, it only works with CS4.  I waited 6 months for the drivers and when they did not show up I went to an AJA LHi card, all worked fine.  So now I buy a 12 core MAC and decide to move the LHi card to it and buy the intensity card (again) for the 2 core MAC since they advertise that they support CS5.5.  But what they failed to say (once again in advertising or on their website or white papers) is they do not support CS5.5 multicam.  Today Tech support told me they are working on it...yeah heard that before.


          So I have learned a lesson after hundreds of dollars.  Go to the forums, go to creative cow, ask ask ask and when you have all the answers call their tech support and ask more.  Frankly I think this is bordering on false advertising since they say they support it, but just kind of forget to say that there are some features they don't support.  I'm gonna try out the Matrox MX02 mini.  I called them and at least they were straight enough to tell me that they do not support adobe capture so I have to use their software.  I can live with that.  So why not AJA again?  The 2 core MAC is coming to the end of its life cycle.  I want to use it but I just don't want to dump more cash into it.  And when it has to be sent off, I can use the mini with the attachment to edit on my MAC book pro when I am on vacation...because we all know there is no time off in the editing world, just moments of rest.


          Beware...blackmagic wears two faces!