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    Page flow problem in PM7.0


      Hi all,


      I've been using PageMaker 7.0 for a number of years now (and previous versions before that, probably for 15 years in total), and occasionally find that, in longer documents, a page in the middle of a thread will not occupy the full print area, no matter what I do.  Kind of hard to explain, but the problem pages appear to be no different to those preceding and following them (a mixture of text and in-line images), and should naturally occupy a whole page in the layout, just like the others surrounding them.  However, the problem page may be only half a page long, and grabbing the "down arrow" to pull the text margin to the bottom of the page will not work - it just snaps back up to where it was again.  No text is lost - it flows on nicely to the next page, but there appears to be nothing I can do to get it to occupy the bottom half of the page where it's meant to be.  Copying and pasting back from the following page doesn't work, as the text just jumps back onto the next page again.  It usually (though not always) affects areas of text where I have in-line images; there will be say one line of text after the image and then the rest flows onto the next page, regardless of how much space there still is on the page in question.


      If this isn't making much sense I can post a link to a screenshot showing an example.  I have achieved a temporary workaround by copying the problem block into a new thread, say only half a page long, and dropping it into the empty space at the bottom of the page.  That's fine as long as I don't insert any text earlier in the main thread, as that will completely wreck the flow ...


      All suggestions welcome - this is driving me nuts!